Which Takacat boat is right for you?

With five amazing models of Takacat inflatable boats, it can be confusing as to which one will be perfect for your specific needs. We're going to take the guesswork out of choosing the right boat. Keep reading!

In this article we'll look at different variables to consider when making your purchasing decision, such as cost, what you plan to do with your boat, how many people you're hoping to transport and how much space you have for storage and transportation. 

5 Takacat models to meet your needs


What are you planning to use your boat for? Will it be for excursions on calm lakes or potentially rough ocean waters or fast moving rivers? Will you use it for fishing or leisurely Sunday boat ride with the kids? Maybe you'll use it to do marine research or as a dinghy to complement your bigger yacht or ski boat. Or maybe you just want a boat to take camping with you as you explore Canada's many parks and waterways. 

 River boating with the Takacat T340LX

Here are the top uses listed for each Takacat Model:

T260LX - yacht tender, dinghy, single person fishing or exploration boat, calm water boating, lightweight and compact for most individuals to carry and transport

T300LX - the original and still most popular model for good reason! Makes a great fishing boat for 2-4 people, cruising boat for families, light and compact enough to take camping or in your RV, scuba diving with a buddy (with enough room for all the gear), a larger dinghy for ferrying up to 4 people to shore

T340LX - longer waterline provides for even planning at faster speeds, cornering or in rougher waters; large flat deck is perfect for fishing, snorkeling, scuba or exploration with up to 5 people, ideal if you have a little extra storage room

T380LX - perfect for fishing or diving excursions with up to 6 people, meets safety requirements for professional use such as search and rescue or dive support. 

T420LX - perfect for coastal waters or as a safety vessel; with its nearly 14 ft length, oversized tubes and extra wide beam, this is the most stable (and largest) of the Takacat models.

Check out this video for a quick overview of Takacat's most popular models: 300, 340 and 380:

We hope this article helped you decide which Takacat is perfect for your needs! Head on over to the Products page to get full details. 

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