How do I get my boating license in Canada?

So you're ready to buy a Takacat inflatable boat complete with motor! Here's what you need to know in order to legally drive a motorized boat in Canada. 

Who needs a boating license in Canada? 

All motorized boat operators in Canada are required by law to have a Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC), more commonly known as a Canadian Boating License? This is the law regardless of age, length of boat or engine horsepower.

How do I get my boating license?

There are 3 steps to getting your boating license. 

STEP 1: Take the boating course online.  

STEP 2: Pass the official Transport Canada Boating Safety Test with at least 75%. 

STEP 3: Print your temporary card and use it until your permanent card arrives via mail.  

Where can you get your boating license?

There are a number of transport Canada approved boating course providers. 

Here are a few online providers and prepaid cards at Canadian Tire, we work with Drive a Boat Canada as one of the Canadian owned online trainers. 


Once you have your license

Keep your license (temporary or permanent) on you at all times when you're out on your motorized Takacat. Failure to show a boating license can result in a $250 fine.

The good news? Your boating license is valid for life!

Happy and safe boating!

Takacat with motor


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