About Us


We're Boat Shop Canada - your one stop online source for Takacat inflatable watercraft and accessories.

Our passion is to get you out on the water to do what you love most, without all the complications of hauling or storing a conventional hard sided boat. 

We're a family owned company operating out of the heart of beautiful British Columbia. With lakes, rivers and even the ocean all within driving distance, we just had to find a way to get our family out on the water in a way that's fun, convenient and safe (and without dipping into anyone's college fund). 

The Harfman Family

Maybe you live in the city and have no room to store a boat and trailer. Maybe you'd rather tow an RV but still want the pleasure of a sturdy watercraft to explore Canadian waters while on vacation. Maybe you just want to give your kids the lasting memories of summers camping, boating and swimming with their friends and family. Or maybe you want the ease and convenience of an inflatable boat to get into those hidden gems -- all the little lakes and winding rivers where the fishing is just too good. 

No matter how you want to explore Canada's vast lakes, rivers and even oceans, Takacat has a boat to suit your specific needs. 

Now you might ask yourself, why Takacat?

With a number of good quality inflatable boat vendors on the market, we chose to represent only Takacat because of its high quality construction and unique design.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you will love your Takacat:

1. Stability. Takacat makes an incredibly stable boat. The catamaran style provides a solid base and the aerodynamic tapered bow is designed to ensure you go over the top of rough and choppy waters. 

Standing on a Takacat Pontoon without affecting stability

2. Never bail out water. Takacat has a revolutionary stainless steel Tube Transom® design, which prevents water from collecting in the boat.

The open transom and raised floor keeps the water out and the floor dry. Any water that does find its way in, will go straight out the back. You'll never bail again!

3. Easy entry/exit. Access to the boat from the water or the shore is as simple as walking or off, thanks to Takacat's original open bow design.

Whether you have pets, little kids, grandma or grandpa coming along, or are loading a bunch of gear, Takacat is the easiest boat to board that we've ever come across. 

4. Shallow Draft. Finally you can navigate that shallow water. By getting your boat farther up the beach or ramp before the hull of the boat grounds, your passengers and cargo can get on and off even easier. Late summer shallow rivers can't stop you from fishing and exploring anymore!

5. Light-weight and easy to handle. The drop stitch fabrics used for the high pressure removable floor replaces heavier aluminium, ply or fibreglass used for floor boards in traditional dinghies. 

Heavy duty rubber under each tube provides extra protection when beaching and transporting. Every Takacat has internal and external safety lines and 6 external lifting handles. There are two air pressure release valves to allow for quick inflation and deflation. 

We know you'll love your Takacat.

Not only does this New Zealand brand top the charts for innovation and quality, each boat also comes with a 3 year warranty against defects in the material or workmanship that affect usability and a 2 year warranty against defects in material and structure on all seams, parts and equipment. Now that's peace of mind!

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