Takacat T340LX Angler
Takacat T340LX Angler
Takacat T340LX Angler
Takacat T340LX Angler
Takacat T340LX Angler
Takacat T340LX Angler
Takacat T340LX Angler

Takacat T340LX Angler

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The lightest 2 person fishing boat, lots of room for a buddy, two rods going at once, coolers and gear! 

The T340LX is perfect for fishing lakes, shallow water, rivers, and the best part is what is not required!  No Trailer, No Truck, No Parking Spot, and No Chiropractor appointments from lugging it around.   The T340LX is 4 inches wider and 16 inches longer than the T300, more stable on the rivers but adds 13lbs. It makes for a great drift fishing boat, standing and seeing the fish you are casting at. 

The T340LX folds into two bags and fits into most medium size car trunks, one bag is 59lbs and the other 20lbs. 

Key features:

  • Stable! You can stand up and cast your line without worrying about your boat's stability. Stand up, look down and see the fish at the proper angles.
  • The shallow draft is ideal for river fishing. Glide silently over rocks without scaring away all the fish.
  • The Takacat T340LX boasts the same revolutionary features as the other LX models including the open bow, quick drain Tube Transom® and catamaran hull design.
  • Fishing in the rain? thats OK! Takacat's will never fill with water, the open transom drains the water out the back, and the rope/D rings on the inside of each tube is perfect to carabiner your gear bags, battery box, and cooler too! 
  • The 19 inch tubes and 5ft5in beam make it stable and give more surface area for mounting all your fishing accessories, are you a Scotty or RailBlaza fan? 
  • The Takacat is easy and lightweight to pack up and store in two nylon carry bags. Fishing from the trunk of your car is now possible! 
  • The step off the front bow is great for beach access without getting wet.
  • Do you fish with man's best friend? The Open Bow is easy for your dog to get in and out, and they wont drink your pop! 
  • Tubes are compatible with glue on and stick on
  • The 1-1/4 inch SS Transom Tube can take at least one mount on each side of the motor.

The transom mounted wheels are a must to move your Takacat on land.

Fishing enthusiasts add two fishing rod holders. 

Your Takacat T340LX comes in two storage bags with oars, Tube Transom®,  inflatable seat, and a manual pump with pressure gauge.


T340LX Specifications:

Size: 11ft 2" x 5ft 5"

Maximum Capacity: 5 people or 1135 lbs

Recommended Motor: 2.5 to 10 HP (maximum 15 HP engine)

Weight: 79 lbs

Tube Diameter: 19'

Hull Bag Size: 47" x 14" x 14"

Hull Bag Weight: 59 lbs

Transom Bag Size: 35.5" x 14" x 10"

Transom Bag Weight: 20 lbs